10 Events Not to Be Missed in Edinburgh in May 2019

10 Events Not to Be Missed in Edinburgh in May 2019

Who never got up in the morning and thought: “Oh no, it’s already May, I didn’t have time to look at the upcoming events”? Well, we’ve decided to help you get your smile back early in the morning! Yes here for you, 10 events selected by us in May in Edinburgh. Here we go!

1. Running EventGung-Ho! – Edinburgh – 11th May 2019

Come and try the world’s biggest inflatable 5K run! Gung-Ho will take place on May 11 in the Meadows in Edinburgh. Veteran athlete or first-time 5k runner, you will surely live lots of lively and fun moments! If you want you can run for charity. This pure adrenaline moment is available from £25 plus 6.6% processing fees.
For further details, get in touch with them.

2. HealthyDetox Health Beauty – 11th May 2019

Have you ever wanted to take a break from the modern world? Well, May 11th is your day! Come relax and nourish your soul in a wellness festival. This year, the Detox Health Beauty Festival welcomes some of last year’s incredible contributors as well as fantastic newcomers. The price to access the event is £35. You will have access to, among lots of things, Fitness classes, Garden tours, Exclusive discounts on products, talks on health & beauty.

3. Organization Race for life 5K & Race for life 10K – Cancer Research Uk – 12th May 2019

Accessible to people of all ages who volunteer, this is not a race. It’s a 5K or 10K (as you prefer) like no other. Thousands of people are coming together for one purpose, to raise valuable funds for research to save lives and beat cancer. On Sunday May 12, 2019 in Edinburgh – Hopetoun House, come in large numbers. The entry price of the Race For Life is only £14.99. Why don’t you all join in?

4. Music Opera North: Aida Giuseppe Verdi | Concert Staging – 8th May to 11th June

If you like opera, you will be touched by the story of Aida. Two countries are at war. Aida secretly loves an enemy general. When the latter is chosen to lead a new assault against the enemy, Aida is forced to choose between betraying her country and betraying her heart. “Essential….. great emotions with overloaded voices.” “Undeniable strength and veracity… It’s beautifully sung too.” Praise indeed! If you are an opera lover, the performance takes place from May 8th to June 11th for prices from £15 to £55.

5. Party Open-Air Summer Party with Norman Jay MBE – 24th May

Join the outdoor summer party with Norman Jay MBE at Archerfield Walled Garden. Expect good vibes, street food, pop-up bars and a festive atmosphere.  The celebration under the stars begins on Friday, May 24th at 7:30 p.m. Whether you are a real fan or simply want “Good Times” by yourself or with friends, we guarantee you a great time. Tickets are from £24 Adult Advance Tickets + booking fee, On the Door: £30.

6. Drink Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival – 24th to 25th May

Do you like beer? Let’s just say yes. The Craft Beer Festival opens its doors to you from May 24 to 25! It’s the meeting point for all Beer lovers. A splendid event and beer tasting will quench the thirst for conviviality of all guests. The Festival takes place at the Biscuit Factory Leith. Tickets from £40.

7. Race Edinburgh Marathon Festival – 25th May to 26th May

Edinburgh Marathon is the fastest(?) in the United Kingdom and the second largest marathon in the United Kingdom, behind London. It is an ideal marathon if it is the first one you do or if you are looking for a PB.  For 18 years +, this great event is accessible to all those who can and want to run!

8. Family Edinburgh International Children’s Festival – 25th May to 2nd June

Here is an event reserved for children (between 2 and 15 years), in Edinburgh, come and enjoy a family moment from May 25 to June 2. The Edinburgh International Youth Festival presents theatre and dance acts for young audiences around the world with shows that are deeply committed. It’s a creative and inspiring experience.

9. Music Hiddendoor Weekendoor 2019 – 30th May to 2nd June

A” riot of noise and colour”, “Utterly breathtaking… Edinburgh’s most exciting and innovative festival.” That’s what people think of the Hidden Door Weekender! From May 30 to June 2 at the Leith Theatre, let the music bring Edinburgh to life: 185 visual artists, 40 dancers, 174 theatre artists, 218 live music acts…; You will experience moments never to be forgotten. Alone or with friends, for all music lovers, come and enjoy the Hidden Door Festival!

10. Drink Juniper Festival BestGinFest – 31st May to 2nd June

What is Juniper Festival? Well, simply the best ginfest in Scotland! For gin lovers, you will have the opportunity to meet producers responsible for your favourite spirits, and you will learn a lot about their magnificently crafted gin. The Juniper, in contrast to many festivals, has always had a strong ethic of beverage education. This extensive programme exhibitors and masterclasses will develop your knowledge and skills. Gin lovers! See you from May 31 to June 2 at Summerhall, Edinburgh. Tickets only £20 plus booking fee.

Best spots to enjoy the spectacular Cherry Blossom show in Edinburgh

Best spots to enjoy the spectacular Cherry Blossom show in Edinburgh

Did you know that Edinburgh is one of the best places around the globe to see cherry blossoms?

Japan is the biggest name in the cherry blossom game, but you can also see these beautiful pink (or white) flowers in Edinburgh. Blooming times vary year-to-year, usually between the beginning of April and mid-May.

Edinburgh’s already a magnificent city all year round, but spring brings with it the heavenly scent of cherry blossoms in The Meadows. In this massive public park, the walkways are lined with cherry trees, creating a whimsical floral tunnel.

Here are a few of the best places in Edinburgh to admire mother nature doing her show:

The Meadows is for everyone, a walk, a run, a sit down, play football, walk the dog, barbecue, play guitar etc
Nothing more fantastic than the lush green grass with the pink and purple cherry blossom, sunshine and 20++ degrees, must do, see and live in Edinburgh!


Easter 2019: What to do in Edinburgh

Easter 2019: What to do in Edinburgh

Easter weekend in Edinburgh is always packed full of activities and fun days out, with special events taking place around the city. Along with the traditions of eating hot cross buns and exchanging chocolate eggs, there is plenty of choices if you’re looking for something fun to do this Easter…

The longer days give you hours and hours of playtime during your Easter holiday in Scotland. At this very special time of year, you could get some last-minute skiing done – if the snow has held on the mountains – and the next day smell the fragrance of the new spring flowers in a blossoming garden.

There are plenty of family activities to get stuck into too, from short walks that are ideal for all the family to top attractions that kids will love too. We’ve selected nice things to do this year:

Inchcolm Island


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The Maid of the Forth’s first oversea crossings from South Queensferry to Inchcolm Island will begin on Good Friday (4th April) this year. The island is home to an abundance of wildlife, two beautiful beaches and Inchcolm Abbey, which dates back to the 12th Century.

Edinburgh International Science Festival

The Science Festival will return in 6–21 April 2019 with the theme of Frontiers.

Inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings, the 2019 Festival theme is Frontiers, exploring the boundaries of knowledge and the spirit of adventure and enquiry that drives science, technology, engineering and maths. Within this theme, specific areas of focus will include Healthcare Frontiers, Engineering Frontiers, Digital Frontiers, Environmental Frontiers and Planetary Frontiers. They provide a platform for some of the brightest minds in science, technology and engineering to share big and exciting ideas from the cutting-edge of their research domains.


Hopetoun House


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The stately home on Hopetoun Estate will re-open in time for the Easter weekend and offer activities such as clay pigeon shooting and an Easter exhibition featuring work by six local artists.

Family Easter Fun  
Sunday 21st April

Drop in anytime between 12 and 4pm and take part in Hopetouns’ Easter activities. Try the trail, find hidden treasure and make some Easter Crafts. Fun for all the family! Suitable for all ages and abilities.

CostGrounds entry fee £4.75 adult £2.95 child – No need to book!


Easter at Lauriston Castle



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Join the annual family Easter event at Lauriston Castle which kicks off our 2019 events programme. There will be trails, games, crafts as well as lots of chocolate treats! Of course, there will be our annual egg and spoon race.



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£7 per person – adults and children both need to purchase tickets as this workshop is designed as a family experience. Children under 3 go free.

Sunday 21 April, 10 am – 1pm

Book your ticket(s) here >> www.eventbrite.co.uk

Easter Egg Hunt at the Georgian House

19th April to 22nd April

The Georgian House is hosting a special Easter Egg hunt for the whole family. The event has been specially designed to feature the sights of early spring and nature-themed clues will be left by the Easter bunny. Only those who are able to become proper nature detectives will finish the day with a yummy chocolate treat.

Easter Bunny Breakfast at Dobbies

This event is suited to families with children aged 12 years and under. To relax and fully enjoy the experience families will be seated and served at their own table. Easter Bunny Breakfast costs £8.99 per child and adult prices start from £6.99, from Friday 19th April until Monday 22nd April*, 9:00am-10:30am. Here is what you can expect on the day as part of the experience:


Whatever your plans are, we hope you have a great Easter weekend!
Please note, we are still open and classes are still running on Good Friday and Easter Monday

The Calton Hill Beltane Festival 2019

The Calton Hill Beltane Festival 2019

Pictures – All right reserved. 

Every year, The Beltane Festival gathers hundreds of people to celebrate the coming of Summer on Calton Hill, in Edinburgh. This modern reimagining takes its roots in an ancient Celtic festival marking the changing seasons. Everyone comes together to celebrate the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring in a mix of music, fire and physical performances.

The festival draws all kind of street performers, split into different groups, each having its own theme for the costumes the put on according to the characters they represent. You will encounter the Blues, keepers of the ritual, the Whites, companions of the May Queen and the Reds, those who embody chaos.

Body painting, loose leaves, and long feathers are all common parts of their costumes. The performers are also not afraid to show a little (or even a lot of) skin! The many entertainers demonstrate their skills in acting, dancing and acrobatics often mixed with impressive pyrotechnics. Fire has a significant place and meaning throughout the festival, as it symbolises warmth during the cold night. Beltane’s many fires literally burn the last traces of Winter away, enabling Spring to come out of their ashes.

Enter a journey from sunset through the middle of the night, and watch all the rituals that make this event so special come to life in this video.

Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Visit Edinburgh

Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Visit Edinburgh

We love Edinburgh all year round but spring can be a fantastic time to see the city at its best. Here are some reasons why we think spring is the perfect time to visit Edinburgh…

It’s actually quite sunny!

March, April and May are some of the sunniest months in Edinburgh with the least rainfall. There may be a winter chill in the air but spring is definitely one of the best seasons to get out and explore the cities streets and parks.

The city is in full bloom


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Spring is one of the rare occasions to see Edinburgh’s beautiful cherry blossom trees in full bloom. Take a walk through the Meadows and enjoy a flurry of pink petals in the sunshine.

It’s not too busy


Spring is still well before the mega tourist influx August so you can enjoy the city’s best attractions without having to queue (as much).

There is plenty to do

Polargraph at Edinburgh Science Festival

The International Science Festival, the Hidden Door Festival and World Whisky Day all take place before the summer months arrive.

And lastly… you can see the spectacular Beltane Fire Festival

Beltane 09 - Fire

The Beltane Fire Festival event takes place every year on the 30th April and celebrates the beginning of the summer season. This ancient Gaelic pagan tradition involves dazzling fire displays and (probably quite cold) painted performers. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle!

What is the Scottish Ceilidh and Ceilidh Dancing?

What is the Scottish Ceilidh and Ceilidh Dancing?

Originally the word Ceilidh (kay-lee) descended from the Gaelic word for ‘gathering’ or ‘party’… However, these days when people think of a Ceilidh, they think of a fun-filled night of wild dancing, good music and great company!

A ceilidh is a Scottish social event which involves traditional folk music and dancing. You will normally come across ceilidhs on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. However, there are several venues across Edinburgh and Scotland which regularly host ceilidhs all year round such as Summerhall and the Ghillie Dhu.

To start this article we’d like to have you in the mood. Here is a super nice video that you can play in the background while reading to feel the Sottish spirit.

How does this Ceilidh thing work?

So one of the band members walks us through each dance. He explains each part of it until it seems like we understand. We try it once without music before doing it “full out”. Then, the music starts, he gives us the cue so we all start at the same time and you just hope you remember the moves! Each dance lasts between 5 and 10 minutes. The dance moves aren’t really hard, you just have to remember them!

Here’s an example:

Where does Ceilidh come from?

Dating back to 1875, Ceilidh originates from Scotland and Ireland although its name comes from Gaelic; it’s a combination of Scottish, Irish and English folk music.

Ceilidh music and dancing (pronounced “kay-lee” and meaning “visit”) is becoming more and more popular! We are getting a number of enquiries from brides and grooms to be as well as others planning a celebration, requesting a Ceilidh band for their special event. As so many people are asking all about it we thought it would be useful to tell you what it is, where it came from and why it makes an electric party atmosphere with plenty of fizzing excitement!

Traditionally it is a gathering or social event, and it didn’t necessarily involve any dancing.  These days a Ceilidh is a sociable way to bring people together involving Scottish music and dance.

Join us every Friday

We go the Ceilidh every Friday >> http://inlingua-edinburgh.co.uk/social-programme

What Line-Up?

A Ceilidh band normally consists of two or three people, a fiddler, an accordionist and a ‘caller’ to help everyone get into the swing of things and learn the dances. But, line-ups may also include guitarists, drums, keyboards and whistles amongst other instruments.

Nowadays, the music isn’t always traditional either, it can be very contemporary as there are a number of new-style Ceilidh bands bringing a fresh slant on the old folk songs and even putting a twist on current music. This makes it funky, modern and gives you a brand new sound. There’s plenty of rock and roll influence now as well, so if you really want your guests to get down and groove check-out some of Warble Entertainment’s Ceilidh bands – they are absolutely guaranteed to get even the most reluctant dancer strutting their stuff!

Here a wee list of the usual Scottish dances that you can enjoy at a Ceilidh:

– Virginia Reel
– Military Two-Step
– Cumberland Reel
– Flying Scotsman
– Canadian Barndance
– Cumberland Square 8 (the one with the baskets)
– Circassian Circle
– St. Bernard’s Waltz

What is its role in Scottish culture?

Most people in Scotland know how to ceilidh dance.  They were taught in gym lessons at school.  It is often used to bring together two sides of a family at a wedding to start the party, or as a celebration at a work, Christmas or corporate party.

Who is a Ceilidh Suitable for?

The beauty of a ceilidh or Barn Dance is that everyone can take part, young or old, experienced dancers, to beginners and even those with two left feet! No experience is necessary! It doesn’t matter what age, ability or personality type a person is – everyone loves to get involved and no experience is necessary! It is very easy to pick up.

The dances are all varied and there are plenty of paces available, fast, slow and even mid-tempo – so if some of the dances are hard to keep up with that’s your cue to take a break and perhaps enjoy a glass of champagne or wine before you get involved again. Party-goers love the flexibility of a Ceilidh because you may get moving when you want and take a break when your feet can’t keep up any more.

If you ever get the chance to go to a Ceilidh, don’t hesitate and just go! This will be the best memory of your time in Scotland! It may seem intimidating to go to a Ceilidh, but don’t worry if you don’t know the moves, somebody will help you!

Ceilidhs are a lot of fun and they play a regular part in our social programme, so you will have plenty of time to practice once you’re here!