Lewis & Harris – the undiscovered islands!

Lewis & Harris – the undiscovered islands!

Isle of Lewis:

Get ready to make a splash – watersports in Scotland!

Get ready to make a splash – watersports in Scotland!

Did you know that Scotland has over 10,000 km of coastline? It’s a real paradise for watersports adventurers. Many activities are available all year round and everyone can find an activity to enjoy. Whether you are surfing Atlantic swells, rafting down a grade 5 river, or sea kayaking around the islands of the west coast, you are in for a thrilling adventure in Scotland.

Kayaking and canoeing

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Surfing and windsurfing

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White water rafting

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Check out all the activities and places where you can enjoy water sports here.

St Kilda – A Dual World Heritage Site

St Kilda – A Dual World Heritage Site

St Kilda is an isolated cluster of volcanic islands that lie 40 miles to the west of the main island chain.


With the highest sea cliffs in Britain, St Kilda is the most important sea bird breeding station in north west Europe. This dual World Heritage Site has the largest colony of guillemots in the world, the oldest and largest colony of fulmars, the biggest colony of puffins in Britain and over one million birds in total.

St Kilda puffins

St Kilda also has one of the most extensive groups of vernacular building remains in Britain. The layout of a 19th-century village remains to this day, and over 1,400 stone-built cleitean (used for storing food and fuel) are scattered all over the islands, and even on sea stacks.


St Kilda Tiagh

St Kilda is one of the best places in Britain for diving because of its clear water and its submerged caves, tunnels and arches.

St kilda

Take an interactive flight over Edinburgh castle!

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most exciting historic sites in Western Europe. Set in the heart of Scotland’s dynamic capital city it is sure to capture your imagination. The scenery will take your breath away.

Dating back to the 12th century, Edinburgh Castle has dominated the capital city’s skyline for generations. Dramatically perched above the city on Castle Rock, you can wander up to the landmark from the atmospheric, cobbled Royal Mile.

Take an interactive flight over the castle with this 360 video:

Isle of Barra – a jewel in the Outer Hebrides

Isle of Barra – a jewel in the Outer Hebrides

Barra is the most southernly of the inhabited islands in the Outer Hebrides.

Long famed for its beauty – boasting beaches, hills, machair (grassy plains) and moors all in a small island – Barra is a special place to visit, especially if you arrive by plane.

Isle of Barra Airport

The airport is one of the most unusual in the world, with flights landing on the beach at Cockle Strand in between tides. At high tide the runway disappears beneath the waves. Barra is also accessible by ferry, which departs from Oban and arrives at the main settlement, Castlebay.

Barra Castle

Barra was the stronghold of the Clan MacNeil and last resting place of the author Compton Mackenzie, who wrote Whisky Galore – a romanticised story based on the facts of the 1941 shipwreck of the SS Politician and subsequent salvage of 240,000 bottles of whisky by the islanders of neighbouring Eriskay.

Barra Kayaking

This is a stunning backdrop for some great outdoor discoveries. Take a five minute boat trip from Castlebay to the medieval Kisimul Castle, the ‘Castle in the Sea’, which sits dramatically on a rock islet in the bay. This three storey tower house is the ancient seat of the Clan MacNeil, and gives great views from the battlements. Stroll along beautiful white sandy beaches, such as Tangasdale, or enjoy breathtaking scenery as you cycle or walk around this small, but incredibly beautiful island. For an amazing sea kayaking experience, take to the water on a guided tour with Clearwater Paddling from Castlebay and explore a world of beautiful islands and sheltered bays, or play a round or two at Barra Golf Club, the most westerly golf course in the UK.

Barra beach3

Barra beach1

Barra beach2

Learn about the culture, history and language of Barra at the island’s heritage centre, Dualchas, where the two main galleries present a changing programme of local history displays, art exhibitions and cultural events.

Eden Festival 2016!

Eden Festival 2016!

Eden Festival is a Truly Energetic, vibrant and independant festival showcasing fresh music and electrifying performances! Set in the stunning Raehills Meadows and hosting 9 different stages including a kids arena, circus tent, drive in cinema, comedy, cabaret and workshops, as well as a feast of performers, artworks, games and much, much more.

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Eden Festival 2016 will be held on the 9th – 12th of June, Dumfries and Galloway, South West Scotland and, like its predecessors, the festival has the following objectives:

• To involve young people and the community
• To support creative artists locally and nationally
• To bring people to Dumfries & Galloway and the surrounding area
• To help protect our environment by promoting a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach

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This is the perfect plan for the weekend so there is no need to make plans any more.

For more information visit www.edenfestival.co.uk

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