Evening English Course Schedule from 17th April 2017!

Evening English Course Schedule from 17th April 2017!

Our new evening term will begin from 17th April 2017! If you cannot see your course level on the list please get in touch with us.

Intermediate Tuesdays &
6.30 – 8.00pm
Tuesdays &
6.30 – 8.00pm
Advanced Mondays &
6.30 – 8.00pm

Try a lesson for only £1 on Monday 10th April – book your place here!

£1 Lessons in English, Arabic, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese and more!

£1 Lessons in English, Arabic, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese and more!

Thinking of learning a new language this spring? Come along to our Open Evenings on the 10th and 11th April and try a lesson for only £1!

Our new term for evening lessons will begin from 17th April 2017. Before the term begins, we invite you to come and try a 45-minute lesson at our language centre for only £1. If your language or level doesn’t appear on the list, feel free to come along to chat with our team and have a look around!

Monday 10th April 2017 (English & Gaelic lessons only)

18.00 – 18.45

  • General English (Upper Intermediate)
  • IELTS Exam Preparation
  • FCE Exam Preparation
  • Gaelic (Beginner)

19.15 – 20.00

  • Business English
  • CAE Exam Preparation

Book your place on one of our English or Exam Preparation lessons here!

Book your place on our Gaelic lesson here!

Tuesday 10th January 6.00pm – 8.00pm (Other Languages Only)

18.00 – 18.45

  • Arabic (Beginner)
  • Brazilian (Beginner)
  • French (Beginner)
  • German (Beginner)
  • Spanish (Beginner)

19.15 – 20.00

  • Croatian (Beginner)
  • Italian (Beginner)
  • Polish (Beginner)
  • Portuguese (Beginner)
  • Spanish (Beginner)

Book your place on one of our language lessons here!

What will happen on my first day at inlingua?

What will happen on my first day at inlingua?

You’ve arrived in Edinburgh, settled into your accommodation and had a little time left over to look around the city. So what happens next?

When you arrive at our language centre you will be greeted by our lovely team who will help you to navigate the students lounge, refreshments area and notice board. Here, you can also pick up a UK SIM card with £5 credit already on it! Then, if you have not had an assessment yet, one of our teachers will take you for a quick chat to determine your level and decide which group would be best for you.

After the assessment, you will be taken to your lesson to meet your fellow classmates and start improving your English! Next comes the break which gives you the chance to meet students from different classes while enjoying a coffee or your favourite flavour of tea.

Finally, once the lessons and lunch break have ended, one of our teachers will take you on a walking tour of Edinburgh to help you get your bearings and discover the city through a local’s eyes. It’s a great chance to get to know your surroundings and your fellow students. Here are a few snapshots from our walking tour this week:

Explore Edinburgh in Pictures: February

Explore Edinburgh in Pictures: February

Our resident photographer, Louison has been exploring Edinburgh since the beginning of February and has managed to capture the essence of its beauty in these breathtaking photographs. Even in the winter months, it’s easy to see why Edinburgh is frequently voted one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Here is a selection of some of our favourite photographs of Edinburgh in February:

5 Techniques to Learn Any Foreign Language

5 Techniques to Learn Any Foreign Language

If you are thinking of learning any foreign language, these five useful techniques will make it so much easier:

1. Make mistakes

Wrong Way
From the moment we born, we are said to do things properly, but the only way to learn a language is to get things wrong. Why? Because when you make mistakes you are able to remember them and do as much as possible to change them.

2. Scrap the dictionary


Have you ever noticed how much confusing reading a language can be? That is because we are used to our mother tongue sounds. Sometimes, and more for a beginner, it’s more useful to scrap the dictionary and study it phonetically.

3. Ask people to correct you


When you start learning a new language, you need someone to introduce words and grammar in the same way as you learnt your mother tongue. As time goes by , it’s important to have someone who will not hesitate to correct your mistakes while encouraging you to improve. At inlingua Edinburgh, our teachers’ method means you will have as much speaking practice as possible with frequent error corrections.

4. Keep talking

It’s easy to stop using a language when you reach your goal. But unfortunately, if you don’t keep training your skills, you’ll forget it, so try to make native-speaking friends or find a language exchange partner who you can practise with on a regular basis.

5. Make it fun!

Child laughing

If you find learning a new language tedious, you’ll never reach your goal. So make it fun!

The Cost of Living in Edinburgh

The Cost of Living in Edinburgh

When choosing a place to study English, the cost of the course isn’t the only thing to consider. Finding out about the cost of living in a certain city can help you to figure out your budget and pick the best place to suit your needs.

Edinburgh is one of the most affluent cities in the UK, meaning that some things may cost a little more than other destinations (although the cost of living here is still around 25% cheaper than in London!).

Of course, a lot of your costs will depend on your own preferences: if you have a higher budget, there are plenty of luxurious options to cater to your tastes and, thanks to Edinburgh’s vibrant student population, there are lots of budget-friendly options if you prefer to save money.

Whichever end of the scale you are, here’s a rough guide of how much things cost in Edinburgh:

Going out

Glass of beer (pint) £3-£5
Glass of wine (175ml) £3-£5
Sprit (25ml) + mixer £2-£4
Soft drink (e.g. cola, lemonade, orange juice) £1-£2
Coffee in a café £2-4
Two-course evening meal at a restaurant £15-£30
Lunch at a restaurant £8-£15
Entrance to nightclub £5-£10
Cinema ticket £8-£12
Theatre tickets £10-50 (depending on seats)

Food & drink

Take-away lunch £3-£5
Meal in fast food restaurant £4-6
Domestic beer (from supermarket) £1.50
Bottle of wine (from supermarket) £8-10
Weekly food shop (from supermarket) £30-50
Take-away coffee £1.50-£3.50


Single bus/tram journey in Edinburgh £1.60
Weekly bus pass £18
Taxi in Edinburgh Around £10/ 15 minute journey

Personal Care

Cold medicine for 1 week £5
Box of Paracetamol/Ibruprofen 20-50p
Deodorant £2-3
Shampoo/conditioner £3-4
Toothpaste £1-2
Haircut £10-15 (men) £20-35 (women)


Sim card with 100MB data, 125 UK minutes and 500 UK texts £5/month

*You will receive a free giffgaff sim card with £5 pre-loaded credit when you arrive at inlingua!

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