Celebrate Literature at Book Week Scotland 2016!

Celebrate Literature at Book Week Scotland 2016!

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Book Week is a festival that takes place every year in November. During this week, writers, poets, storytellers and illustrators will visit libraries, schools and community centres to celebrate books and literature. People of all ages are welcome to come and join in the celebration in different locations around Scotland and, if you’re in Edinburgh there is lots to enjoy!

Here are a few events which you can attend in Edinburgh throughout Book Week:

1. The Library is Open with Val McDermid, Louise Welsh, Zoe Strachan, Allan Radcliffe and Ryan Vance

This event is about books of LGBT history and you will have the opportunity to chat with one of these authors and have a drink. This event is scheduled on Saturday 26 November 2016 at 19:00 and is for adults only,

2. Night shadows: An evening of songs, readings and stories inspired by the Gothic tradition

This event is for adults and is free. It’s about exploring the Gothic tradition (horror, romance and darkness) in music and words. During this journey, you will explore Germanic forests, Robert Louis Stevenson’s ideas, as well as David Campbell’s poems and readings. This event is scheduled on Tuesday 22 November 2016 at 18:00.

3. Black Widow

This is a free event which will be held on Thursday 24th November 2016 at 18:30. Chris Brookmyre will narrate his novel “Black Widow”. It’s about strong topics such as sexism in every day life, social media trolls and hacking. Strongly recommended for the internet generation !

4. Mind your language! Writing without words with Marjorie Lofti Gill

This event is interactive and suitable for all ages: children, grandparents, adults etc. It’s about the idea that in the near future, the government will restrict some words from the vocabulary in order to prevent terrorism and increase security. Your task: you will be a member of a secret poetry society and your goal is to write, without being censured, a radical poem about this restriction of words. Good luck !

5. Amnesty International Imprisoned Writers Readings

In this event, Amnesty International pays homage to  writers who have been imprisoned, tortured or killed because of their works. You will have the opportunity to buy second-hand books. all the money will be raised for Amnesty International’s works. This event is free of charge and will take place on Friday, 25th November 2016 from 18.30 until 19.30.

More information about Book Week Scotland:

Date: Monday 21 – Sunday 27 November

Place: different venues in Edinburgh

Price: mostly free

Information: http://www.scottishbooktrust.com/reading/book-week-scotland/about

Book Week Scotland: official trailer of 2012:

Edinburgh’s French Film Festival 2016

Edinburgh’s French Film Festival 2016

The French Film Festival is an annual event which takes place in cities around the UK. In Edinburgh, from the 3rd November, you can practice your French and enjoy some fantastic, hilarious and classic films: La Grande Vadrouille, Cezanne et Moi or La Bataille Du Rail to name a few. Don’t wait too long though – the festival finishes on the 7th December!

L’Odeur de la Mandarine

This story is about a cavalry officer in the First World War who proposes to Angele, a home-care nurse. The only problem is that they don’t really love each other… This movie has got English subtitles and will be showcased on Saturday 19th November at 6pm at the Filmhouse on Lothian Road.


Pepe Le MOKO

Pepe Le MOKO is running from the police in the city of Algiers (capital of Algeria). One day, he meets Gaby, a Parisian girl, who forces him to risk his life. The movie is in French and Arabic with English subtitles. It takes place on Sunday, 20th November at 3.40pm and Monday 21st November at 8.40pm (Filmhouse). A must-see!
Pepe le Moko
Image credit: Breve Storia del Cinema (Flickr)

Merci Patron!

This French film (with English subtitles) was released this year. It’s a documentary about Jocelyn and Serge Klur whose factory was moved away to Poland. As a result, they are now unemployed with big debts to pay. One day, a man called Francois Ruffin comes to them and is sure he can help them by planning to meet one of the richest men in France. A frighteningly realistic film. Sunday 20th November at 8.45pm (Filmhouse).


Premiers Crus

This film was released last year and is about the story of Charlie, who left his vineyard to become a famous oenologist in Paris. Charlie returns back home to help his family’s wine enterprise, which is collapsing. It’s there where he has to face all kinds of difficulties: temperamental weather, delicate grapes and his father’s lost faith. The film will be shown on Monday, 21st November at 5.50 pm at the Filmhouse followed by a talk with the film’s director, Jerome Le Maire.


Parisienne / Peur de rien

This is a story about an intrepid young Lebanese girl who is living in Paris in 1990 and faces some problems related to her origins. This movie was released in 2015 and is said to be educational and entertaining. Recommended for young adults.


For more details about the French Film Festival, visit:



Enjoy St Andrew’s Day the Scottish Way! A Guide to the Scots’ National Holiday

Enjoy St Andrew’s Day the Scottish Way! A Guide to the Scots’ National Holiday

St. Andrew’s Day is the official national day of Scotland. It celebrates Saint Andrew, Scotland’s patron saint and takes place every year on 30th November. Throughout the day, free activities, entertainment and events will be held in Edinburgh. You will have the chance to experience Scottish music, dance, food and drinks and much more. Here are a list of different parties that you can expect for this year:

Events in Edinburgh:

Saint Andrew’s Day Menu

inlingua Edinburgh - Blog post - Scottish Cuisine - Scottish Dishes - Haggis

Why not try a traditional Scottish meal for St Andrew’s day? Choose from roasted Lamb, Scottish smoked haddock, braised pork cheek, roast Scottish lemon sole and, of course, the infamous haggis, neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes). Go on, give it a try!

Scotrail special offers


Scotrail is running an offer for young children to use their services for free on this special day. It’s also a great opportunity for the whole family to travel and to get good deals on tickets for the rest of the year.

Historic Scotland Ticket Giveaway

Edinburgh Castle

This year Historic Scotland is giving you the chance to win tickets to some of Scotland’s best attractions for free! There are thousands of free tickets to be one and you can use them to delve into Scottish history in locations around the country. Register for your free tickets here!

Storytelling event

Mary Symon, a Scottish poet, will have one of her poems projected on several buildings in Edinburgh. The idea is to inspire Scottish people on their national day.


For more information about St Andrew’s Day:

Date: 30th November 2016

Time: all day

Price: Free activities

Place: everywhere in Scotland





Here is a video with some more about St. Andrew’s Day:


A video about Saint Andrew:


What to expect on St Andrew’s Day:

First time in Edinburgh? Here’s your guide to connecting with other students

First time in Edinburgh? Here’s your guide to connecting with other students

Connecting with other students can be a simple and easy thing to do, but sometimes it requires a little energy and effort. Especially when the other students do not speak your mother tongue or come from a different culture. Fortunately, there are tips and methods that can be used in order to make contact, both in and out of the school. Here are some ideas:

Courses can be a good way to exchange ideas, present yourself to others, and sometimes even make some funny jokes. At inlingua, students are encouraged to speak as much as possible in English, so you will have plenty of opportunities to chat with your fellow classmates.


Social programmes are an excellent way to connect with other students as you will have plenty of time to carry on discussions with each other outside the school. By walking together through the streets or waiting for the bus, you surely will ask your class mates more than once where they come from and what they usually do in their country. On top of that, social programmes are an excellent way to discover the city you live in and try some new activities that can be fun and entertaining. So, next time there is a social activity, put yourself on the list!


Social media is also a good way to keep in touch with your school mates. If you had a good time with somebody, why don’t you exchange phone numbers? Or you could even exchange your name and chat on WhatsApp, Facebook or Skype. So, next time you go out, you could phone them and organise a rendezvous.

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Remember, remember the 5th of November! How to celebrate Bonfire Night in Edinburgh

Remember, remember the 5th of November! How to celebrate Bonfire Night in Edinburgh

Bonfire Night is usually celebrated all over the UK and in some other countries as well. In the UK, it commemorates the failure of Guy Fawkes to blow up the Houses of Parliament on 5 November 1605.

At that time, a group of provincial English catholics wanted to assassinate the protestant King James in order to replace him with a catholic head of state. Their plan was to blow up the Parliament in London but they failed and were sentenced to death by hanging. The most famous person in the group was Guy Fawkes, who was in charge of the explosives.

Bonfire Night in the UK is therefore also known as Guy Fawkes Night. As part of the celebrations, a straw man representing Guy Fawkes is burned on bonfires across the country. It is also extremely common for firework displays to take place from people’s gardens and public parks.

In Edinburgh, great bonfires and firework displays normally take place in nearby South Queensferry. Closer to the city centre, you can enjoy the fireworks at Meadowbank or watch the display from Arthur’s Seat or Calton Hill.

Here are two short videos with some more