Where do you come from? 

I come from Valence in France, it is about one hour from Lyon.

When did you arrive in Edinburgh?

I arrived the 29th of August 2014.

Why did you decided to come to Edinburgh?

I chose Edinburgh because I wanted to improve my English in a nice city and I heard a lot of positives things about Scotland and especially Edinburgh. I found a programme in France who offered me to help with the organisation. I applied and was accepted to join the Erasmus+ programme.

Why did you chose inlingua Edinburgh for your English lessons?

I chose Inlingua because of the classes are given in small group which permit us to discuss a lot and to improve our English. I also thing that the activities are a good way to meet new people, to discuss and improve our English quickly and in a fun way.

How long did you study at inlingua?

I studied 3 weeks in inlingua. I had lessons every morning in mini-group. After my weeks of English courses inlingua helped me to find an internship for 2 months.

What is you favorite thing about Edinburgh?

My favorite thing is the latin atmosphere, sometimes I have got the feeling I am in south of America.

What do you do now? 

 I’m currently working as a marketing coordinator, in an international company based in Edinburgh. I started with an internship and my company offered me a role just after this one.

What are you plans for the next few months?

Continue to improve my English in Edinburgh and maybe in the next few months going to the south of America for a new experience.

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